Stand Up Paddleboard courses and trips in Helsinki Capital Region

TwentyKnots offers weekly SUP experiences, courses and trips in the Helsinki Capital Region. Our paddleboard courses are based on the Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI) concepts. 

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SUP vuokraus TwentyKnots Helsinki

SUP beginner's course and a paddle trip 2h

The SUP Beginners Course covers the basics of Stand Up Paddle boarding: getting on and off the board, handling the board and the paddle, basic paddling techniques, turns and water safety. After we have the basics covered, it’s time to take the newly learned skills to a paddling trip! 

50€ per person (Katve Nature retreat)

Reservation and upcoming courses:
Course schedule and reservation is available from our online booking system.
You can also reserve by phone or email:
044 768 8464

Courses are held at our TwentyKnots Katve Nature retreat which is located by the Ängvik lake at Kirkkonummi: Niittylammentie 38, 02480 Kirkkonummi
More directions at our TwentyKnots Katve page

What to bring: 

  • Sport clothes according to the weather. For example running tights or shorts, and t-shirt, long sleeve or/and a wind jacket.  
  • A water bottle and sunscreen especially on a warm day 
  • A towel and extra set of clothes. Rarely people fall off into the water, we have very stable beginner boards and always choose calm waters for our courses, however the possibility of getting wet is always there. 

 Prerequisites for course: 

There are no perquisites for attending our beginner course and everyone is more than welcome. We do have an age limit of 15 years on these public courses. 

Private lessons and coaching

We also offer private lessons and coaching at our base. In case you want to start learning the basics, want to take the kids on the water, have a private paddling tour or touch up on your SUP technique you can book private lessons from us. The prices for these private sessions are the following: 


1 hour Extra hours: 
1 person 100€ / person 50€ / person
2 persons 70€ / person 30€ / person
3-5 persons 50€ / person 20€ / person


Contact us and book a private course from: tai 044 768 8464